Virtual reality enhancing the lives of those with disability.

In many cases, society is what disables people, not their ‘disability’. Thankfully, Virtual Reality (VR) is providing people with disability more independence and ability in society than ever before.

How is VR helping?…
Primarily, these latest enhancements, are to support those with intellectual disabilities, to learn more skills. This new technology was launched by the Endeavour Foundation, who developed 15 new training programs for the platform. It will support people who have intellectual disabilities to learn a range of different skills including road safety, using an ATM, barista skills, catching trains and driving skills which ultimately, allows them to be more independent and live a more fulfilling life.

A person with disability utilising VR to learn more life skills – Source

5 pros and cons

  • Like listed above, the consumers will gain a range of independence skills, which will enhance lives and allow more accessibility within society.
  • For marketers, it opens the door to some exciting opportunities which could be leveraged to develop more training programs to assist a range of different disabilities.
  • For some businesses, it is a way to gain traction as an ethical or morally strong brand. Whether they are doing this for their own benefit or because they genuinely care, is another question!
  • For businesses focused purely on profit, it’s questionable whether this technology would actually generate much income. Currently, it’s estimated that their is 1.3 billion people living with a disability worldwide, however not one disability is the same. So, (unfortunately) businesses may feel that this is not an adequate amount of potential consumers, to generate a return on investments.
  • I want your help with this last one… what do you think another pro or con is with this sort of technology?

Perhaps it is quite idealistic, but it is my hope that in the future, all marketers will actively think of ways they can adapt digital marketing tools to ensure all abilities can access and utilise them.

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7 thoughts on “Virtual reality enhancing the lives of those with disability.

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  1. Awesome read Elisha! i think its about time that the disabled are provided with technology that is truly empowering and increasing the capacity for people to do more than ever before. You mentioned how it’s questionable whether this technology would actually generate much income, and whilst i agree with this, I’m optimistic that a genuine attempt to benefit the lives of disabled people will gain traction.

    Another pro with this sort of technology is the empowerment that it provides disabled people, not in the form of just transport and accessibility, but also the countless job opportunities that this would provide to the disabled who would be closely involved in the design and testing process of this technology. I also feel as though their may be some unseen benefits in the esteem and support that disabled members of our community may feel, in knowing that their needs are becoming more and more of a priority as technology continues to evolve.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Nuwan!
      Yes, this sort of technology will definitely empower many people with disabilities and will enable a new level of inclusion in society.
      E.g. catching a train or using an ATM may be a simple task for some, but it’s a huge achievment when undertaken by others. Marketers taking this into consideration and implementing more training programs and technology to assist people who need extra support, will enhance the lives of not only that person, but their family and friends!


  2. This is an amazing idea for future marketing individuals to think about. It’s something i personally do not think when designing a product/strategy about because i am not directly affected by it (something which i need to change). If more and more industries take this on board it will become a much better world!
    Thanks for the blog Elisha 🙂

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  3. Fantastic blog post Elisha! This is quite inspirational knowing that there are companies out there willing to help others out rather than be profit focused. Not only VR, but I feel AR may also be implemented to change the experiences of those with disabilities. I feel this is only the beginning and I’m excited to see what is next in the VR and AR development cycle

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  4. Great blog Elisha! This is an amazing idea for future marketing individuals to think about. If more and more industries take this on board it will become a much better world and it would even create a more positive reputation for the brand!

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